The Devil Wears Prada - Sailor’s Prayer

"Sailor’s Grave" is my favorite song off of TDWP’s latest album, 8:18. This video is outside the box and I’m stoked they were brave enough to do something like this. Most Hardcore or Metalcore bands out there wouldn’t dare do something like this (if I’m wrong, correct me). Not only does it tell the story of the song visually, but its ending resonates pretty well for a video made with puppets. 

Check it out, then listen to 8:18. It’s some of Prada’s best stuff to date.


Every Time I Die - In The Studio w/ Keith Buckley

This is my favorite of the “In The Studio” segments from the recording of From Parts Unknown for numerous reasons. Here’s a few : 

1. I consider myself a writer and a fan of writing, so lyrics and vocals are always my favorite stuff to dig into.
2. Keith is one of my favorite writers/vocalists in any musical genre. Listening to him explain his lyrics and the motivation behind them is like a sports fan getting to practice with their favorite athlete. Sorry if that’s a poor analogy.
3. Hearing Keith describe what goes on with him personally, and how those personal issues affect the writing/recording are not only interesting and insightful; but it means something to me on a personal level. Knowing that someone I look up to creatively thinks about and goes through some of the same shit I think about and go through is reassuring and helpful. 
4. Watching Keith pull off the “angel of death” scream from “Idiot” in real time is impressive. That’s one of the many blistering moments from the album and he nails it.

So yeah, this is my favorite segment. Every Time I Die rules. Kurt Ballou is the man. From Parts Unknown slays. Listen to it.


Every TIme I Die - In The Studio w/ Jordan & Andy

Another behind the scenes look at the recording process of From Parts Unknown, but this time with a focus on the maniacal (in the best way) guitar duo of Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams. Watching these guys work makes their recording and live shows all the more exciting! Their separate dudes, with separate influences and styles that come together and make magic happen. 

My favorite part is when Jordan explains the way he writes. It’s awesome getting a direct insight to why he writes the way he does. It’s also cool seeing Kurt Ballou compare/describe Jordan and Andy’s styles; how they’re alike, how they’re different, what’s so great about their combination,etc. 

I just wish these videos were longer. Last part, Keith’s vocals, is next on the queue.


Every Time I Die - In The Studio w/ Kurt Ballou

Every Time I Die always do a good job of documenting their recording experiences. I love seeing how they work in the studio, how they work together, how they come up with parts, etc. They’re an incredible band with a pretty deep catalogue, but they continue to keep things fresh without abandoning the style they forged over the years of their career.

From Parts Unknown may possibly be my favorite album from them. It was produced by Kurt Ballou of God City Studios (and Converge). Seeing ETID bring their style and creativity to Kurt was exciting and interesting. He’s worked on some killer records (besides making/being a part of a few himself), so I was anxious to see what he would bring to ETID’s record. Here’s the ETID “In The Studio” segment with Kurt.

Two more to follow…


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Rungs In A Ladder - Jacob Bannon
A Film by Ian McFarland

I watch this from time to time when I’m feeling uninspired or unmotivated. At first, it was just really cool to learn more about Jacob Bannon and hear about his life - but now it’s become a source of inspiration. When I can’t get my shit together, when my mind is all over the place, or when I’m feeling lost and useless; I watch this, and it helps snap things back into perspective.

Thanks Jacob for sharing your life and insight with us, and thanks Ian McFarland for making such a beautiful and well done documentary. Cheers.


I got my hands on Leo and Donnie, so my Mazes & Mutants set is complete. These dudes look dope together! // #tmnt #ninjaturtles #toys #actionfigures #LARP







#can we please discuss the fact that this movie was made by Americans

#some of us might actually be self-aware

Nobody has to deal with americans more than other americans.

I am an american and I can verify that this is indeed true.

#everyone else gets to be annoyed by Americans from afar #while Americans have to be annoyed by other Americans loudly and up close

#and Americans don’t just get to be annoyed by other Americans #we have to deal with the fact that they vote on shit that affects us #like who’s president #and they are constantly on our tv #and on our facebook wall #and in the house of representatives

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I got my photo taken for my passport this morning… I’ll never make it out of the country now. // #serialcerealkiller #hathair

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