Movie & A Beer - Back To The Future 3 x IBC Root Beer

          A week or so ago at the shop my friend Dr. Q, y’all know him as Gonzalo Quintero, asked me to take part in an ongoing series of write ups discussing classic films and then pairing said films with a craft beer. Gonzalo and his fellow collaborators had decided to start with the Back To The Future trilogy and I was asked to contribute a piece about the third and final film in the saga, Back To The Future Part III. I was pleasantly surprised and humbled to be asked to take part. Only, two problems persisted : 1. I’ve never seen any of the BTTF movies from start to finish and 2. I don’t drink.

          Gonzalo assured me that these were minor, irrelevant issues - or not really issues at all. Obviously, with today’s technology I could watch the film anywhere, anytime. The alcoholic beverage issue still remained, but GQ (another aptly applied nickname) told me I could just write about one of my favorite sodas. The resolution to the non-existent problem was perfect! I could choose one of my favorite sodas from the shop, pair it with the film and put my own twist on the series started by Gonzalo and his fellow collaborators.

          First things first, I had no excuse for not seeing any of the BTTF movies. I just never had up to that point. I promptly set to watching the third film. I didn’t bother watching the whole saga ‘cos I figured they’re about time travel, so why start at the beginning? Secondly, I don’t drink ‘cos I’m Straight Edge. For those who don’t know, Straight Edge is a lifestyle choice that was birthed in the early Punk/Hardcore music scene and has grown since. It means different things to different people, but to me it’s simple. Choosing to live a Straight Edge lifestyle means I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. Living this way impairs my ability to pair a craft beer with the movie, but it doesn’t keep me from contributing a post with a bit of a different feel.

          Now that all the formalities are out of the way let’s talk about this movie and the soda I chose to accompany it. The Back To The Future trilogy is beloved by (almost) everyone. It’s a late 80s/early 90s classic that, due to its time traveling stories and action, stood the test of time while also serving up nostalgia to each generation that sees it. The third movie in the set isn’t the most popular - but it’s the only one I’ve seen all the way through, so it’s my favorite! It’s Sci-Fi meets Western this time around as Marty goes back to 1885 to find and rescue Doc Brown from dying in the past. Only thing is, Doc Brown helps Marty get back to 1885 - but if he’s dead in 1885 how is he helping Marty in 1955? Who cares? This is Back To The Future not a film by the Wachowskis.

          Minus the side-stepped logic of time travel and what not, BTTF3 is an entertaining film. I’m a Sci-Fi nerd, so I enjoyed that aspect of the flick. I also enjoy a good Western, and while this was no Tombstone, it certainly has the enjoyable tropes Westerns use. There’s bar fights, gunfights and an action scene set on a speeding locomotive; all the things you’d enjoy in a classic Western. To top that off; you get Michael J. Fox portraying his ever popular Marty McFly character and you get to take in every over-acted moment of Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown. One of my favorite scenes involves Marty practicing his quickdraw skills in a mirror while quoting Taxi Driver and Dirty Harry. And speaking of Dirty Harry, Marty uses Clint Eastwood as his alias in the Old West (a nod to BTTF2?). What’s not to love? The movie is perfect if you’re looking for humor, humorous action and Deloreans.

The (Root) Beer : 
For my beverage pairing, I decided that since the characters go back in time that I would too. And since we’re visiting the Wild West I’d try to keep it as classic as possible. I figured the best way to do that was to choose my favorite root beer, IBC. I work downtown at a local business, 5&A Dime. At the shop we offer IBC Root Beer and numerous other craft or retro sodas. I chose IBC because when I think Western I think old flavors like Sarsaparilla, Birch Beer, traditional Colas or Root Beer. IBC’s brown glass, no label, no nonsense approach made it the perfect choice for me. The appearance of the bottle screams old school. The flavor is a traditional root beer with the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. There’s no frills; IBC doesn’t try to win you over by reinventing the time machine. They stay true to the roots and maintain a classic flavor.

The Good : 
Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Deloreans and the Wild West - is there anything NOT good? Yeah, but not much. Simple story, quirky action and humor can go a long way in the 80s (1980s or 1880s apparently).

The Bad : 
The mom from Step Brothers plays Doc Brown’s love interest, Clara Clayton, and due to the PG rating we don’t get to hear her say fuck. That, and no Crispin Glover. Did I forget the poorly done Irish accents? Whatever.

The Ugly :
Sometimes this movie feels about 20 to 30 minutes too long. The IBC helped me make it through. But nothing could make those terribly done Irish accents any better.

Overall : 
Good flick and good Root Beer. I may actually watch the first two now. I actually thought it was cool too that Marty never drinks an alcholic beverage throughout the film. He asks for water, gets laughed at, and then is offered whiskey; he doesn’t drink it. He’s also given a cigar that he doesn’t smoke. Didn’t he play in a band in the first films? Props to McFly for living that Straight Edge lifestlye!

          I enjoyed watching the film and doing this piece about it. I really appreciate Dr. Q giving me the opportunity to contribute even though I don’t drink. It was cool of him, and the others, to let an outsider into their realm and offer a different perspective to the series. I’m truly grateful. This is a group effort. With each week and each new film there’s been more blog writers added to the project. You guys can check out the other pieces at the links below. Stay tuned for more movies and more posts to come from Gonzalo and company. Thanks for checking this out!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) - Leonardo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Teaser Poster - Donatello

Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles (2014) TV Spot

Here’s another trailer for the new TMNT movie due out in August. Most of the footage is recycled from the first official trailer, but there’s also some brief new scenes thrown in. The most interesting new material comes in some quick shots of one of the turtles on a rocket powered skateboard, a closer look at Raphael pummeling an enemy and our first look at Master Splinter; who appears to be moments away from throwing down with the Shredder! It’s short, but full of eye catching moments.

Check it out and I’ll see y’all at the movies in August!




Cool interview with Mike of Linkin Park about their new album, The Hunting Party.



My Thoughts On The TMNT Trailer

Here’s a quick list of my thoughts about the TMNT teaser trailer that released yesterday : 

- Michael Bay sucks.
- Megan Fox sucks.
- A white Shredder? That’s dumb.
- Foot Clan as mercenaries? That’s dumb.
- The Turtles look cool, but there’s a few things I would’ve done differently.
- Action seems a bit over the top, but that’s typical Michael Bay.
- Why so many lens flares? Michael Bay is producing, not directing.
- Mikey’s voice acting fits him well.
- Mikey is also pretty funny at the end. That was done well. He’s funny without seeming like an idiot.
- Leo looks pretty badass.
- The scene where the Turtles are sliding down the mountain looks pretty badass, but a bit over the top. Are there snowy mountains in New York City? Can Turtles really obliterate military style humvees? It certainly looked cool. haha
- Where’s Splinter?
- If that white guy really is Shredder, why? And if “Shredder” really did create the Turtles then how does Splinter fit into that?
- Why is Megan Fox April O’Neil again?
- Why is Michael Bay involved again? They could’ve paid me much less.

What do you guys think of the trailer and our first look at the heroes in a half shell? Let me know.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Teaser Trailer

It’s finally here! After hearing reports and early excitement from CinemaCon the world finally gets to see the teaser trailer for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film slated to drop August 8th.

Definitely a different look for the Turtles here as the trailer sets a pretty serious tone and displays some pretty gritty action. I have some thoughts that I’m going to work out and put up later, but for now check out what the 2014 version of the TMNT will bring to the big screen.



Here’s artwork for the Lupe Fiasco: Tetsuo and the Wolves tour poster that never saw the light of day. …with apologies to Otomo

Another killer example of why I like Ron’s work so much. The artwork references Otomo’s Manga/Anime classic, Akira, which follows the reference made by Lupe in the title of his new album. I hope the artwork that was chosen deserved it ‘cos this is awesome. I also hope Lupe’s new album doesn’t suck.


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