there is hope.


there is hope.

I pledged to help fund the Skate Crate and you can too! Help bring a piece of skateboarding history back to life. You can find the direct link in the founder’s (@blockhead_dave) IG profile or you can go to Kickstarter and search “skate crate”. They’ve almost reached their goal - get to it! // #skatecrate #kickstarter #skateboarding

Last one… Maybe. // @linkinpark #linkinpark #carnivorestour


From our colleagues at OUP Southern Africa (via Oxford SA Blog | Commonly Confused Words)

So much new music coming out soon! I’m going to be broke. From top to bottom : The Ghost Inside - Dear Youth, Mike Mictlan - Hella Frreal, Hail Mary Mallon - Bestiary, you+me - Rose Ave., Run The Jewels - RTJ2 // #music

The homie, Mr. S. // @linkinpark @m_shinoda #linkinpark #carnivorestour

I may lose some followers from all the LP posts, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter. // @linkinpark #carnivorestour #linkinpark #sorrynotsorry

Another shot from the show. LP’s lighting/stage show was nuts! // @linkinpark #carnivorestour #linkinpark

Linkin Park at Sleep Train Amphitheater - one of my favorite shows of all time. // @linkinpark #carnivorestour


My friend Dave Bergthold (Founder of Blockhead skateboards.) has recently launched a Kickstarter to build a new project called Skate Crate.

The SkateCrate is the australopithecus of skateboarding. The Root! 

The first documented photos of SkateCrates goes back to 1910, which means that the roots of skateboarding go back much further than previously thought. 

We need help raising funds for this important project.

Almost at the halfway mark folks and the kickstarter end date is Sept 23.

Please keep in mind that if the project doesn’t meet it’s funding goal, you will NOT be charged. 

If it does, everyone is happy, you are guaranteed a skate crate to build with you kid/kids or for yourself and you’ve helped finance an important project! 


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