Rossi - The Storm (Review)

The artist formerly known as Deaf Steady; now known as Rossi, follows up his locally popular Amen with his second full length project, The Storm. On the 10 track piece the Suav emcee hopes to spread his brand of mellowed out, Mexican infused, San Diego Hip Hop. Ditch the umbrellas though, for this weather you’ll need some shades and a pair of Sk8-His. 

The Storm oozes Southern California, but not the one advertised in “come visit California” commercials. He reps the barrio as much as he does downtown SD. You hear one when he spits lines about waving the Mexican flag, the other when he drops nods to local businesses such as HDQTRS and 5&A Dime. His lyrics ooze the background and culture that made him who he is, whether it’s based in his Mexican upbringing or the more diverse, metropolitan area of SD. 

"I printed bolts on my shirts to rep the city…"

The beats, most of which are handled by Khalil Brandon, are destined to be cruised to. The music evokes imagery of sunsets, palm trees and lowriders - but no matter your vehicle of choice the production begs to be bumped while you’re driving. Khalil’s signature move seems to be laid-back horn samples with simple, yet fun drum hits that will have you nodding your head two beats in. And Rossi fits into them perfectly. He sounds at home over almost every track and knows just the right ways to deliver his smooth flow. The tempos mostly aim for “chilled out” more than “turnt up”, but no matter the speed the emcee can find a pocket and fill it. He can be choppy and spitfire words at you, or he can sit back and let them roll with ease. There’s some times where I feel like one style would’ve been better suited than the other, but he’ll learn to find those moments and styles in time. This is still a young emcee with plenty of room to grow.

The lyrical content, as mentioned above, delves into the spitter’s background while also giving you the heads up on his aim to put him and his crew on. Rossi shouts out his team and the people who support him often, but not in the name-dropping, annoying way Game always did. These aren’t shout outs to get props, they’re shout outs to give them. The content does just as good as the music with conjuring up thoughts of beaches, babes and beats. Though those subjects may seem like typical young rapper fare, Rossi’s authentic feel and skilled delivery make him more fun and more importantly, believable. I don’t question the subject matter ‘cos he delivers it with such ease that it must be true (and I’m by no means saying that it isn’t).

"Sk8-His say Rossi on the other got the posse…"

I don’t have many complaints about this project. In a local scene (shit, in Rap/Hip Hop as a culture) that’s full of pretenders, wannabes and young dudes lost trying to be something they’re not; strong production with a strong flow delivering true to life content is hard to whine about. Actually, it’s almost impossible. Rossi came through with a strong outlet that shows his strengths but still leaves him some room for positive growth. Put your shades on enjoy The Storm.

Download The Storm HERE and visit The Suav website HERE.


ROSSI - Remind Me

The homie ROSSI (formerly known as Deaf Steady Rock) dropped this video a bit ago and I just realized I never shared it with y’all. Check the visuals for this super chill track and when you’re done head HERE and download ROSSI’s latest project The Storm.



Awhile ago a friend of mine asked me what I would do with Looney Tunes. I told him I think of these guys as old character actors. I’d cast them in a bunch of funny versions of classic films and maybe even some newer ones. Here’s what I imagined they’d look like as stock characters in an old jidaegeki. 

I actually grew up drawing looney tunes more than comics.


I watched a lot of Looney Tunes as a kid, but I never imagined I’d see them as samurai. Everything about this is killer.

Much respect and admiration to Ron and his work.


I was once young and impressionable and didn’t do a lot of thinking for myself. Three years ago I decided to change that and other aspects of my life for the better. I chose to live a Straight Edge lifestyle for me and I did it for reasons important to me. Live and learn. Think for yourself. Be yourself. To each their own. // March 18th, 2014 - 3yrs SxE.


Christian Yepez - Ollie

Over 77’ El Camino

Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars & AFI - Carnivores Tour

I’ll be attending this in September. I’m going to the Chula Vista, CA date for sure, but I’m also going to try to make it to the Irvine, CA date as well. I’ve been a Linkin Park fan for nearly 15 years and this will be my first time seeing them in concert. It will be my first time seeing 30 Seconds To Mars also, but it will be my second time seeing AFI.

I’m really excited. (Understatement)


Nike sure does know how to kick me when I’m down. Both of the shoes above, the KD VI EXT “Floral” and the AJKO UNC, release this weekend. The KDs are $130 and the AJKOs come in a pack (two shoes, one purchase) that will sell for $300.

I won’t be able to afford one, let alone both. I’ll be watching eBay for these. haha


Dennis Rodman / #91 / PF

The Worm putting in work! This is one of the most popular photographs of him putting his hustle and dedication on display. He believed in doing the dirty work and made a Hall of Fame career out of doing so.


Sin City : A Dame To Kill For

It’s been a while, but it’s finally here! Nine years after Robert Rodriguez put Frank Miller’s “Sin City” on the silver screen he’s finally giving us the sequel, Sin City : A Dame To Kill For.

Like the first film, the movie is a star studded affair. Josh Brolin is replacing Clive Owen in the role of Dwight, but most of the cast from the first film returns along with some new faces. The sequel maintains the black and white look of Miller’s comics, but with the CG edge Rodriguez delivered in the first film.

I’ve been patiently waiting for this movie since rumors first started swirling about Angelina Jolie playing the titular character, but that apparently didn’t pan out. It’s good to finally see some solid evidence that this was in the works. I’m sure Miller fans won’t be disappointed come August 22nd.


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