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The Uncluded - Delicate Cycle

This is one of the cutest and coolest videos I’ve seen in a long time. The Uncluded continue to impress me while adding to my anticipation for their new album Hokey Fright (which I still need to pre-order!) which is releasing on Rhymesayers Entertainment. 

Open your mind. Open your heart. Love people. Love animals. Enjoy. 


The Uncluded - Scissorhands

Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson aka The Uncluded have released another song with an accompanying official video from their upcoming album, Hokey Fright. The song, “Scissorhands”, is simple in terms of production using only an acoustic guitar track to set the pace. Aes brings the rhymes (and some grit), and Kimya backs him up with her soft, soothing melodies. Another good sign of things to come. 

The Uncluded - Earthquake

Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson are The Uncluded. 

You know Aes from his illustrious Indie Hip Hop career with Def Jux and Rhymesayers, and you may know Kimya from her work as part of The Moldy Peaches or her contributions to the soundtrack for the film Juno. (You know that song Ellen Paige and the nerdy kid who always plays the same character in all his movies play as a duet before the credits roll? Yeah, that’s hers.)

To be honest, I was a little apprehensive upon hearing news of this collaboration. Apprehensive, but hopeful because, again, to be honest, I love almost everything Aesop Rock has ever created. And Kimya contributed vocals to a song on Skelethon and it was a dope track.

Upon hearing this song, and seeing this video my doubts have been silenced. It is definitely NOT what I expected, but I think I like it even more because of that. An unlikely pairing may turn out to be one of the most creative and unique musical combos in a while.

AR has been a busy man the past couple of years and I’m starting to think this creative tangent that he’s been on has been for the better. The beats for Felt 3 were dope, Hail Mary Mallon was awesome, Skelethon was incredible, and now The Uncluded may sneak into our hearts.

"So it goes…"

I’m excited for this. I’ll be pre-ordering once I’m not broke.


Upcoming Music I’m Excited For :

The title pretty much nails what this post is going to be about, as a matter of fact, it nails it 100%.

Linkin Park - Living Things
     I’m a huge LP fan and have no qualms about saying so. Their last album A Thousand Suns was different but great. I loved the emphasis on the electronic elements and how much Shinoda was rapping again. Well they’ve announced that June 26th they’ll be dropping their 5th studio album and I’m impatiently waiting for that date! I love the first single “Burn It Down”, and from what’s being said about the style of the album I’ll love the rest. June is going to be a busy month for me and music.

Aesop Rock - Skelethon
     Aes Rizzle’s last album None Shall Pass was one of my favorites by him and he hasn’t done anything solo since. The side project Hail Mary Mallon was dope so I’m hoping Skelethon follows suit. This album will be a step in a different musical direction for AR though as he’s producing the entire album. Usually he does some beats and then gets others from homies like Blockhead, or El-P (who also has a new album dropping soon). But judging by the first single “Zero Dark Thirty” this won’t be a problem cause the song is dope! I don’t know the exact date off the top of my head but I know this also comes out in June so I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

The Ghost Inside - Get What You Give
     New. Ghost. Inside. Almost enough said, haha. I’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity for new TGI, and now it’s coming. I feel like this was announced forever ago and I’ve been trying to be patient but damn. Their first two are super solid albums so I hope this keeps the momentum going. I can’t wait to see them on Warped this year. The new TGI also drops in June (told you it was busy).

     So that’s my big three for right now but there’s rumor of more dope artists dropping new material this year. I’ve heard that there will be new Cecil Otter and new P.O.S in the Fall. For Today has a new album coming out soon (they’ll also be on Warped). Big K.R.I.T’s debut is supposed to drop and who knows who else. I’m sure there will be more but right now the first half of the year is going hard!

On a side note, here is some stuff I’ve been stuck on lately while waiting for the new stuff: Linkin Park - Any Album, letlive. - Fake History, La Dispute - Wildlife, Emmure - Slave To The Game, The Story So Far, Every Time I Die - Ex Lives, and more. Listen to good music.


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El-P, Aesop Rock, Cage - Reports of a Possible Kidnapping

One of the last gems from the Def Jux era with El-P, Aesop & Cage all on their A-game.  Too many quotable from this one:

Funny how morality is changing, evolving, dissolving
Disgrace is a mainstay, tragedy keeps calling
Everyone that mattered to me somehow keeps falling
Hooded creature knocking on my door I’m just stalling - EL-P

Hail Mary Mallon - “Are You Gonna Eat That?” Review

Aes, Rob Sonic, and Big Wiz deliver with their new group project debut "Are You Gonna Eat That?"

     When Def Jux announced it would no longer be releasing albums I wondered where Aesop Rock and label mate Rob Sonic would end up. Well I wasn’t surprised when I heard they were releasing stuff through Rhymesayers, but what did surprise me was that it was in the form of their new trio (along with DJ Big Wiz) Hail Mary Mallon.

     HMM’s debut is refreshingly dope. I say refreshing because it’s been quite some time since I’ve heard any (new) music from AR or Rob Sonic, so hearing them sound so good together is nice. The style is typical of the former Def Jukie Wookies, with creative wordplay, off the wall but unique patterns, and eclectic references. Aesop and Rob Sonic mesh well together without sounding too much like the other. Their style, delivery, and voices work great together but still have their own strengths. My favorite song from the album thus far is “Grubstake” an ode to a segment from a Beastie Boys song “Posse In Effect”, but a close second goes to either “Church Pants” or “Garfield”.

     With production from both Aes and Rob the beats never bore. The variety in tempo, and style steer the boys’ patterns and delivery in creative ways you could only get from them. Much like their flow, their production feeds off one another’s to create a cohesive sound for the whole album. Not one track sounds out of place or misguided. And Big Wiz comes through with the turntable work to add the finishing touch we’ve seen so many times before. It’s almost like no Aesop Rock (or any other former Def Jux rappers’) album is complete without scratches from DJ Big Wiz and it works every time.

     I love this album. Aes has been one of my favorite rappers for years now, and I have a new found appreciation for Rob Sonic. The only complaint I have about the album is that there’s no physical copies out yet. But you should get on iTunes or whatever you use and get this immediately. When the Hail Mary Mallon guys asked “Are You Gonna Eat That?" I responded with a yes.

Love & Hip Hop,


Hail Mary Mallon

     Aesop Rock has a new side-project out called Hail Mary Mallon. It’s a group consisting of Aes, fellow emcee Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz. All three are insanely dope at what they do but most times (unfortunately) side-projects always end up kind of lackluster. Well not in this case. Aes and Rob coexist perfectly throughout the verses and the production is dope. The trio is signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment. Their CD is out now digitally and I believe is coming out physically soon but I don’t know an exact date. Either way, you should go and check them out.


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