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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by dnz85 (Deviant Art)

If you know me, or ifyou’ve followed me for a while then you know I’m a big TMNT fan. Sometimes I just aimlessly drift through page after page of fan art on Deviant Art looking for something that catches my eye. I usually look for interesting reinterpretations, homages to the old art styles from the comics or stuff that is just really good. The more unique the better. This is one I recently found and enjoyed due to the modern comic stylization and gritty look.

This piece is from Deviant Art user Dennis Menheere. Click here to see his DA profile page and to scope his other artwork.


Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2012 / Ad Campaign Illustrations by Shohei Otomo

Two of my favorite things in one place.

The more I dig back through Carhartt’s WIP line the more I become a fan. I love their product and the ideals behind it. But they also know how to grab you from other aspects of subculture. Take this ad campaign for instance. I love Shohei Otomo’s art. And what is he doing here? He’s using his artistic skill to illustrate a lookbook of WIP pieces. I’m bummed I missed this when it happened.

Great clothing being drawn by an incredibly skilled artist. You can check out the stuff he did for the Fall/Winter line here :


An excerpt from The Fivefold Vow of the Rebel8er by Mike Giant

This is a really powerful message and this is one of the many reasons I really respect and admire Giant and his work. I already adhere to certain parts of this, but there are definitely other parts that I could and (I feel like I should) work on.

Thanks for the inspiration Mike.

"I would like to learn, so I could do something." (Hranica/TDWP)

You can find the rest of this post, and Mike Giant’s blog here :


d_pi aka Ronald Wimberly’s TMNT

I re-blogged two of these images a long time ago. I was rummaging through my archive and found the Raphael and Michelangelo pieces that I re-blogged. Well here is the whole set of my favorite foursome done by Ronald Wimberly. His depictions and illustrations of the TMNT are some of the most original and most unique I’ve seen to date. There’s a lot of original art styles, and stylizations of the characters out there, but Ron aka d-pi, went a step further to delve into the lifestyle and personality of each turtle. And he went beyond the typical : Raph is a tough guy, Mikey is funny, Don is a nerd, and Leo is the leader. He took those basic points and turned them into fully developed, well thought out, original (emphasis on original), personalities.

I love the art, and I love the summary that accompanies each turtle. These four anthropomorphous, ninja amphibians have meant a lot to my life and it’s refreshing to see someone take something I love and breathe a new life into it without ruining the characters I love so much.

Check out Ron’s art, work, and artwork here :

Thanks Ron. Keep up the good work!

Turtles For Life,

Kilian Martin : India Within

This kid continues to blow my mind. And Brett Novak’s cinematography is top notch as usual. The skate world’s new dynamic duo (or first dynamic duo) : Kilian Martin and Brett Novak.


Supreme x Vans

Why do these have to be coming out when I’m broke? Story of my life, I swear.

Supreme teams up with Vans once again to drop some of the cleanest kicks I’ve geeked over in a while. I’m a sucker for floral print, and this pattern strikes a chord with me elsewhere. Not only is it a dope floral pattern, but it’s also a floral pattern derived from a painting used by the band New Order for their album Power, Corruption & Lies. The album cover was designed by Peter Saville who is most known for his design work for Joy Division, New Order, and Factory Records.

So my sneaker/fashion nerd sensibilities are being touched upon, and my love (obsession) for music is being abused.

Thanks Supreme. Couldn’t have dropped these a week ago when I had money?


This is accurate. Like, almost 100% accurate depending on if you believe in Aliens or not. It is missing the part about how we treat ourselves and other human beings miserably though.


Kinetics x Keith Haring Foundation x Columbia Anders Falls Jacket

The technical assets and craftsmanship associated with Columbia with the art of Keith Haring? Count me in.

It drops in February, which may already be too hot for AZ. But if things go the way I want I’ll be somewhere colder by the end of the year. This definitely has a chance at landing somewhere in my closet. 

I’m really excited to see this, a short film about Jacob Bannon of Converge, which debuts tomorrow.

OBEY x Keith Haring Tees

Recently, OBEY hooked up with the Keith Haring Foundation to produce a line of duds using art from the iconic artist’s career. The line is being primarily carried in Urban Outfitters and I had the chance to stop by one in SD and grab a couple tees. I wish I could’ve picked up a couple more but funds were kind of low after Warped.

You can find almost the entire line at Urban Outfitters (and elsewhere) and at

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