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Kilian Martin : India Within

This kid continues to blow my mind. And Brett Novak’s cinematography is top notch as usual. The skate world’s new dynamic duo (or first dynamic duo) : Kilian Martin and Brett Novak.


Kilian Martin : Internal Dpearture
By Brett Novak

This guy is truly something else. I haven’t seen skill or creativity like this on a skateboard since Mullen or Daewon Song. And I’d be brave enough to say he’s knocking on their door. Every video I’ve seen from him he takes his talent up a level, and it’s not looking like there’s a limit for him.

The video is filmed, edited, and directed by Brett Novak who has worked with Kilian before. His shooting/editing style make Kilian’s boardwork look even classier. These aren’t your typical skate footage shorts, these are short film masterpieces. This is high art (which, ironically, some of the tricks are performed on). Novak is the Chris Nolan to Martin’s DiCaprio. They have a chemistry that shows in the end product.

Are these guys not huge yet? Or am I out of the loop? 


This is the first video I’ve seen from this kid (and the first time I’ve heard of him at all) and DAMN. He’s good. He’s great.

I can’t wait to see more.

Skater : Killian Martin

Video by : Brett Novak

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