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Juvenile - Back That Azz Up

Sorry (not sorry) for the Southern Rap videos. There’s more to come. I’m really missing the South lately. This is the Rap I partially grew up on. But I don’t want to get into that. This would turn into a mega long post. For now, appreciate Juve The Great and a very young Lil’ Wayne.


Nelly - Country Grammar (Hot Shit)

I miss this Nelly. The skinny version made better songs.


"Just.Crew.Shit" Official Video
Bam Circa ‘86
Produced by The Visualists/Directed by Eric Casas

The homie Bamalamadingdong dropped a video for his new song “Just.Crew.Shit”. As a day in the life of Bam and the homies; the video is filled with relaxed visuals, locales the posse usually haunts, and the typical tom foolery you can see the 8th & G Gang partaking in. The video opens in Dope Sauce, circles the block, makes a pit stop by 5&A Dime, and ends where it started as the song closes. 

To stay up with Bam follow him on Twitter : @BamCirca86, Instagram : @BamCirca86, and here on Tumblr : bamcirca86blog.

Enjoy Bam’s new chillin’ anthem, and stay tuned for more from the 8th & G crew.


When Del the Funky Homosapien is your first customer you know it’s going to be a weird Wednesday. Shout out to one of the illest dudes to ever hold a mic for coming through @5andadime. Shout out to Spencer for the shirt and the picture.

Here’s my favorite track from BWatt’s Minivans project. It shows his introspection, depth, and maturity as a young emcee. Strengths that I hope to see him maintain and build upon in the future.

Download the mixtape at or at Brandon’s bandcamp : 

Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill Is 27yrs Old

What’s the time?!

Time to check out my write up about the classic Beastie Boys album Licensed To Ill over at the 5&A Dime blog.

Read Here


New Mixtapes I’m Digging

Here’s some new mixtapes I’m into right now. If you’re a Hip Hop fan then give these a chance…

Yelawolf & DJ Paul - Black Fall (EP)
Everybody’s favorite Alabama born emcee (or mine, at least) teams up with DJ Paul of 3-6 Mafia fame to drop a five song EP. Quick-fire lyricism and Southern bangers galore. Yela does his best work when unrestricted by a label.

Flatbush Zombies - BetterOffDead
The abstract yet entertaining trio from Flatbush, NY deliver a drug-fueled, hyperactive mixtape full of braggadocio, socio-political grievances, and NY flavored jams. Under all that is a subtle 90s influence that further sets them apart from the crowd. This is the first stuff I’ve heard from these guys and I’m a fan for sure.

Lecrae - Church Clothes 2
I’m not into labeling people, especially based off their religious views, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. Whether you call this dude a “christian” rapper or whatever, he’s a dope emcee. Here, Lecrae drops the highly anticipated follow up to his crazy successful Church Clothes. Not listening is considered a blasphemous. 

Dig ‘em.


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