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I pledged to help fund the Skate Crate and you can too! Help bring a piece of skateboarding history back to life. You can find the direct link in the founder’s (@blockhead_dave) IG profile or you can go to Kickstarter and search “skate crate”. They’ve almost reached their goal - get to it! // #skatecrate #kickstarter #skateboarding

Brian Anderson, Elissa Steamer and Bam Margera / 1998
Photo by Ed Templeton

Pretty cool seeing an old picture of these three. All badasses in their own regard. Shit, even the dude who took the photo is a legend. BA is my favorite skater, Elissa was the only girl you could play as in THPS and Bam became mega-huge for his skating, Jackass and his own show on MTV. It’s cool to know that once they were all just homies cruising the country and skating.


Brian Anderson / Frontside Nosegrab Grind

BA handling business in a bowl.


Kareem Campbell / Ollie

Brent Atchley “This Is My Element” Ad

Brent Atchley

One of my favorite active skaters, Brent Atchley is in a a league of his own. This dude from the Northwest has style for days! Not only that, but it’s a unique style. His part in Element’s Elementality blew me away. Brent makes everything he does look incredibly easy. I wish there was more current footage of him out there.

His chill, natural flow as a skater reminds me of another dude with BA for his initials.


Brian Anderson

BA is my favorite skater.


Kareem Campbell / Kickflip

Phil Zwijsen’s Time Chase
Filmed/Edited by Paul Labadie
Artwork by Vincent Guillermin

I don’t know any of the skaters in this video, but damn.. They’re all rippers. Time Chase is a collaborative project between Carhartt WIP and Kingpin Magazine. The video was released to celebrate Phil Zwijsen’s new interview in the latest issue of Kingpin. The footage combines awesome editing, active artwork, sweet tunes, and some rad skaters. I haven’t seen a lot of skate stuff from across the Atlantic, but it looks like it’s a whole new world over there. Everything looks so skateable! Same culture, different location.

Carhartt WIP is a UK based offshoot of legendary workwear brand Carhartt. WIP focuses its efforts on updating Carhartt’s legacy of quality and craftmanship through pieces tailored for today’s urban culture. They balance themselves between the world of men’s workwear and modern, contemporary menswear. Through music, skateboarding, BMX, art and streetwear they’ve strengthened Carhartt’s attachment to the underground.

To my detriment, I don’t know much about Kingpin other than they are a European based skateboard magazine. But if this video is any indication of the stuff they put out then I am a fan. 

Check out this killer footage, and then take some time to visit the site’s of both companies involved. 


Here’s a new promo for Brian Anderson’s signature model the Project BA from Nike SB. I’m loving the shoes, and I’m loving the push BA is getting from Nike.


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