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5&A Dime Blog/Site/Store

What’s up girls and guys?

Since the move to San Diego I’ve recently become employed at a small, independent clothing store called 5&A Dime. The store sells (mostly) men’s clothes, but there’s a few products for women as well. We carry brands like Stussy, UNDFTD, Us Versus Them, In4mation, etc. As well as housing our own in house brand that also goes by the 5&A Dime moniker.

If you live in San Diego come by the store and check it out. We’re located in Downtown, SD on 8th Ave. and G street.

If you don’t live in SD, then hit up the website :, where you can shop the store’s brand, and stay up to date with the store and its occupants via the blog.

Speaking of the blog, go read it. As of today I have made my first post and I’m excited to carry on from here. The topics I’ll cover probably won’t stray from what I write about on here. Music will be the major topic, with art, fashion, and other things sprinkled in here and there. The personal stuff and poetry (when I do write some) will be on here.

So now you can find me here (Tumblr), on, and Thanks for your time. I love you.



     There’s a lot of big clothing companies around these days (seems like a new one pops up every 30min.) but few of them have attained the success or garnered the respect that The Hundreds has. They do things their way no matter what’s cool, or what’s not. They’re usually on the “setting” end of trends. When Streetwear goes right, they go left and vice versa. They’re one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to Four The Taking and our goals in that creative realm. The man behind the scenes that does most of the inspiring (for me anyways) is Bobby Hundreds - one half of the founding team of The Hundreds. Bobby is an awesome designer, creative director, photographer, writer, and from what I’ve heard he’s a good dude. These are all things I enjoy doing (on a much smaller level - for now) and I aspire to be on Bobby’s level one day and then take it further.

     Bobby wrote a piece about the passing of Adam Yauch that contained a line that held a special meaning to me. He said that MCA, “taught him to think for himself, while also thinking of others.” Well in turn Bobby has had that kind of effect on me. I’m not worried about success, fame, or money. I’m worried about creativity, originality, respect, and the people I love. My good friend Steven Garnica got this autograph for me from Zumiez 100K. Short and sweet, Bobby said “thanks”. I’ve been wearing The Hundreds for 6-7yrs now so I think I owe him a bigger one. And also thanks to Steven for taking time out to get this for me, it means a lot.

I hope everyone who reads this can find their inspirations and work to achieve what it is they aspire to do. 

Don’t emulate, don’t imitate, don’t duplicate… Motivate.


Stussy x Glassjaw

I haven’t posted anything about clothing in a while (although I’ve been meaning to) so hopefully this will jumpstart me. 

Stussy has got together with the gentlemen of New York hardcore band Glassjaw to make a limited edition t-shirt. It comes in two colors : the grey one you see above and a black version. The black shirt will only be available at their July 8th show in NY while the grey piece will drop online July 9th. Both colors are limited to a run of 93. The shirt is a commemorative piece celebrating the 10th anniversary of Worship & Tribute. Get one if you can.

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One of my favorite independent stores/brands #5andaDime based out of SD. I look up to these guys a lot! Can’t wait to take Four The Taking to this level. #streetwear #fashion #nofilter (Taken with instagram)

My clipboard/binder #titlefight #hardcore #thehundreds #streetwear (Taken with Instagram at Emt Class Arizona Western College)

Touching up designs for our first 2012 release. #fourthetaking #fashion #clothing #streetwear (Taken with Instagram at Four The Taking HQ)

The merch setup at the show. #fourthetaking #fashion #clothing #streetwear (Taken with Instagram at JT’s Pub & Grill)

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