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Supreme x Vans

Why do these have to be coming out when I’m broke? Story of my life, I swear.

Supreme teams up with Vans once again to drop some of the cleanest kicks I’ve geeked over in a while. I’m a sucker for floral print, and this pattern strikes a chord with me elsewhere. Not only is it a dope floral pattern, but it’s also a floral pattern derived from a painting used by the band New Order for their album Power, Corruption & Lies. The album cover was designed by Peter Saville who is most known for his design work for Joy Division, New Order, and Factory Records.

So my sneaker/fashion nerd sensibilities are being touched upon, and my love (obsession) for music is being abused.

Thanks Supreme. Couldn’t have dropped these a week ago when I had money?


Lady Gaga Supreme Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Supreme = A clothing company of iconic status. Known to most skate/streetwear/fashion heads as one of the pioneers. They’re expensive but dope.

Terry Richardson = An immensely popular photographer. I’m not really into his stuff so I don’t know much about him, sorry.

Lady Gaga = Pop singer. I believe Gaga is actually a talented singer, but I don’t know about songwriter because I don’t know if she writes her own stuff. I also think she can be (at times) very pretty.

This ad campaign strikes me as interesting. Gaga is pretty mainstream pop-culture, but Supreme is not.. Yet. I don’t think that every Gaga fan will flock to Supreme stores and go crazy but this will definitely give them some kind of boost. It also makes one wonder if this the effect Supreme is going for, or are they just doing what they always do?


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