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Kareem Campbell in various editions of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

"Reemo" is one of my favorite skaters of all time and THPS is one of my favorite video games. This series (kind of) introduced me to skating and definitely helped me fall in love with it. Kareem was always my favorite skater to skate as until later entries in the series where he was no longer in the game.

The series also introduced me to a lot of music that I would get into later in life. 


September, You Lovely Motherfucker

          You call it September, but tomorrow starts what I’m going to refer to as “All Kinds of Great New Music I’ve Been Waiting All Year For Month”. I know September has technically been going on for approximately a week, but for me it will be officially starting tomorrow when Balance And Composure’s new album The Things We Think We’re Missing releases via No Sleep Records. I was financially deprived while the pre-orders were up, but tomorrow I will be raiding Hot Topic for their LP and CD versions. B&C is one of my favorite bands, and from what I’ve heard of the new album (you can stream it in its entirety over at Pitchfork) it’s going to be a contender for my album of the year.

          So tomorrow, the 10th, we’ll have new B&C. The following week, on the 17th, we’ll have a new The Devil Wears Prada album AND Grand Theft Auto V. When I first heard TDWP’s song “Martyrs” I’ll admit I was a bit disheartened. But after their previous two song drops, “Home For Grave” and “First Sight” I have grown immensely more excited for their forthcoming album 8:18. TDWP is my favorite Metalcore band, and I’m excited to see the direction they progress in with this release. As for GTA V, have y’all seen the trailers? Have you been paying attention to the news about what is sure to be the game of the year? Fuck COD : Ghosts, Fuck PS4s and Xbox Ones, right now it’s all about GTA V. I can’t wait to spend countless hours of time I should be sleeping in the make believe world of Los Santos.

          The week following, the week of the 24th, is when shit gets really hectic for me. That Tuesday we have another of the year’s most anticipated releases, Touché Amoré’s Is Survived By. That album drops the 24th, which also happens to be the day I’ll be seeing B&C and Title Fight in concert at the Epicentre. I’ll be attending that show with my girlfriend and two close firends who’ve never B&C live before. I’ve only seen them once. So not only will I be listening to another of my album of the year contender’s, but I’ll be losing my mind at a concert with two of my favorite bands with people I love. As for TA, they’ve been hyping us up pretty well for this release. After PTSBBAM, they’ve released enough EPs and Split EPs to fill most bands entire back catalogue. Now here we are on the verge of their third full length album and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Not to mention, the day after I watch B&C/TF I’ll be in LA watching B&C/TA at their CO-RECORD RELEASE SHOW. Two shows, three bands I love, two days, and the chance to score rare tour/record release variants of new records; I don’t know if I’m going to survive.

           September, how I love you. Leaves are continuing to fall from trees. Skies are getting grayer (unless you live in AZ or CA). The wind grows more chilling day after day (unless you live in AZ or CA). Hoodies and flannel are now appropriate AND effective. And besides your beautiful weather, you’re bearing the gift of great music, great concerts, and great video games. Three bands, three new albums, and two concerts all neatly packed into September’s quaint 30 days.

Enjoy your lives everyone,


My 2011 EOTY Lists (Late As Usual)

     My 2011 was a pretty solid one. Like most people’s it had it’s ups and downs but I’m here in 2012 and I’m off to a good start. So here’s my lists for my favorite things from 2011. Enjoy..

1. Balance and Composure - Separation
2. The Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne
3. Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
4. Doomtree - No Kings
5. Defeater - Empty Days & Sleepless Nights
6. Fireworks - Gospel
7. Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me
8. Evidence - Cats & Dogs
9. Close Your Eyes - Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts
10. Common - The Dreamer, The Believer
Honorable Mentions : Title Fight - Shed, The Roots - Undun, La Dispute - Wildlife, Atmosphere - The Family Sign, August Burns Red - Leveler, Dessa - Castor, The Twin

Video Games
1. Batman : Arkham City
2. L.A. Noire
3. Mortal Kombat
4. COD Modern Warfare 3
*Short list I know, but I don’t play many games.

*This one was a little hard because I didn’t get to see two movies that I really wanted to. I missed out on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Drive but I’m pretty sure if I had seen them they would be on this list. These also won’t be in any particular order because I can’t recall or decide which ones I liked more/most.
- The King’s Speech
- Moneyball
- Everything Must Go
- 50/50
- Kung Fu Panda 2

Fashion (Clothing/Shoes)
1. The Hundreds
2. 10Deep
3. Nike
4. Jordan
5. Rebel 8

     So there you have them. My favorite stuff from 2011. Now these lists only apply to things that are able to be listed. I had some pretty awesome times in 2011, there were also some bad but the good outweigh them. The times with friends, family, and such are more important than any CD I bought or movie I saw. To all my friends who shared and experienced 2011 with me: thank you. Thank you from the top to the bottom of my heart. You guys, my friends and family, are what keep me going and I appreciate that.

Have a blessed 2012,

Batman: AC, On The Road, Joy Division (games, books, music)

     I finished the storyline for Batman Arkham City and I must say although it was shorter than most information provided, it is an astounding game! From the ground up this game is excellent. It’s bigger and better than it’s predecessor Arkham Asylum in every way. The visuals are great, the storyline and characters develop well - it also has some surprising twists, the fighting is better, the gadgets are techier and the gliding system (once you get the hang of it) is impeccable. I’m almost finished with all the side quests and working my way gradually through the 400 Riddler challenges. I love this game and can’t wait for more DLC.

     I also finished Kerouac’s On The Road, and I really dig it. I’m actually thinking of rereading it, or finding the original published version to see the differences (editing, name changes, etc.). The book is based on a pretty simple idea, travel across the U.S. numerous times and write about the experiences, but the execution is beyond simple due to Kerouac’s talent as a writer. He doesn’t just tell you about his travels, he takes you along with him. He doesn’t simply tell you about San Francisco, Denver, or Mexico, he shows you. You become his companion on various journeys and learn from them and enjoy them just as much as he does. And the writing style of the scroll isn’t bogged down with punctuation, and editing. You absorb every emotion because you’re reading them the way he (originally) typed them. It’s an awesome book and I can’t wait to read more of his work. *Note: I read On The Road: The Original Scroll, which is the first version of Kerouac’s novel as he originally typed it. This version was not initially released however due to language, grammar, and the use of people’s real names. There is a version of the first published novel out there which is an edited, changed, and corrected version but I haven’t read that one.

     I’ve been listening to a bit of Joy Division again. I really need to get their albums. I’m back to reading the book I started a while back, Joy Division: Piece By Piece, by Paul Morley. I’m going to try and finish that before I pick up anything else but I can’t guarantee anything.

     Other than that ladies and gents I want to read the Vengeance of Bane comic series, and the Knightfall series where Bane defeats Batman. And soon there’s going to be a big collection of TMNT comics released, I’ll have to find that as well. I have Poe’s complete poetry I want to get into and I still have two books by Frost, and Plath I’ve been picking up every now and again.

Now stop reading this, get off Tumblr, and go read. Enjoy yourselves.


Arkham City

Batman Arkham City comes out tonight at midnight. Until then:

- MW2 with RD
- Kerouac, On The Road
- AWC to workout while the lady is at dance
- Back home to shower, etc.
- Gamestop for the midnight release of Batman AC

I’ll see you guys in a couple days. I may look like a zombie and probably will not have showered in 3 days, but what’s new?


I’ve been in a mood.. (Life Lately)

This past week has been one of those weeks. You know what I’m talking about. One of those weeks where you just feel complacent and stuck.

     Some of my friends are going through some tough times, but aren’t we all? Life isn’t easy. The people who have it easy had to work hard to make it that way (some of them at least). My girlfriend is struggling with school and work. My brother is unemployed. My friend Rios is going through a divorce. I’m trying to go back to school to go through the firefighting program and take some graphic design classes. We’ll see how this goes.

I bought my first Jack Kerouac novel, On The Road. I also picked up Evidence’s new album Cats & Dogs, and got my autographed Dessa pre-order for her album Castor, The Twin. I’m still patiently waiting for Arkham City to drop.

Big Loge’s birthday is today. Robert and I bought him some Turtle Beach headphones for his b-day. Katie’s b-day is the 16th. I need to figure out what I’m doing for that.

This is my life recently. If you’re a part of it, thank you.

God bless,

L.A. Noire : Completed (sort of)

     Approximately two days ago I finished the story mode of L.A. Noire. I had put it down a while back after the story got a little slow, I had a change of living arrangements, and I got wrapped up in other games (i.e. Batman Arkham Asylum). But turns out I was actually only two missions away from beating it. So I got through those kind of quickly and enjoyed the ending.

     So since I’ve finished the story I’m now running through the side-quests. There is some really sweet extras and bonus missions for this game. You have to find 30 historic LA landmarks, 50 gold film reels that are named after actual noire films from the era, hidden badges, and you have to drive all the cars in the game. I’ve got through most of the extra stuff as well. The only thing I have left is driving all the cars and then I’m going to go back through certain story parts to get some achievements I missed.

     But if you guys enjoy Rockstar games, or you’re a fan of the booming Hollywood 40-50s era then this game is a must play. The graphics and look of the game, the gameplay, the voice acting, and the depth of the game all make it well worth the cost of the game. The storyline does drag it’s feet a little here and there, but if you’re a fan of good narrative in games then you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Now it’s back to waiting for Arkham City.


The last glimpse, and arguably most powerful, of the trailers for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Someone down to buy me a gaming laptop? It’s nothing serious, just $1000 maybe more.


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With a story taking place approximately 3000yrs. before the rise of Darth Vader, this will probably be amazing in terms of narrative.

But I will be resorting to reading the books based off the game. Because I don’t have a sweet gaming PC (or a PC, or laptop in general).

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This looks amazing. I wish it was coming to consoles but it’s only for PC.


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